Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Afraid to post

It seems like every time i do an update something changes. So i've been a bit slow in blogging this, but. I'M in REMISSION. At least that's the consensus at this point. Houston unfortunately can't continue with their type of treatment until I show proof of disease. Not that I am bummed to not have Cancer. The reality of it all is that relapse in my case is pretty high for the next year or two. So now we are back to radiation here in Sacramento. The chance of relapse after radiation becomes more like 3 to 5 years and in some cases never. So obviously that's what we are praying for. It's a little weird to be sort of done though. You think about it but now that i am at that point at least for awhile it's somewhat overwhelming. I am going to be trying to go back to work and hopefully playing again sometime soon. The last couple days have been probably the best i have felt since at least thanksgiving. Really excited to work out and try to play golf with all this great weather. So that's what is happening for now. I start radiation in a week and half. Not really worried about the side effects though compared to everything i have done so far. Almost seems like a cake walk compared to the stem cell when they talk about it. So we will see i guess. Houston was good and bad. Good news about remission but i am sure some of you heard i was put in the hospital for pneumonia and breathing problems. Seems to be clearing up so far, now i'm back to just dealing with side effects of the stem cell. Slow progress but at least finally some progress. Guess that's it. Great news, just need it to stay that way. Thanks again for all the support and prayers to get us this far. Keep praying this is it and maybe a little radiation i will never have to be stabbed and subjected to toxic drugs again.

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