Friday, October 02, 2009

Fell off the earth

So most of you are probably wondering what's next. I know it's been forever. Its amazing as I have been trying to get back up to the speed of life how overwhelming it all is. I promised some people I would try to update everyone a little better again so here goes. I am back at work full-time which is awesome. Amazing how you can actually miss working but i did. For the most part I am feeling good, Been battling a bit of pneumonia the past 2 weeks. For most people this would seem like a huge deal but to honest we were just happy it was pneumonia and not the big C. I have my Check-up Pet Scan today which we are all praying should show nothing but the pneumonia. Been still battling a bit of cough and fatigue from the BCNU affects on my lungs. Some what frustrating but not unexpected i guess. Just makes some days really hard to breath. I am finally getting to my studio projects too. One of my goals or discussion with God was using my talents in music more when i was healthy. I am currently trying to promote and build up a permanent space to setup the studio. Having a lot of fun so far. One of the ideas in the long run would be to go into places like St. Jude and offer to record and teach kids music. I certainly know how much i wish i had something like that to distract me in the hospital and I'm sure most would love the opportunity. So pray that idea can be developed some more and i get healthy enough to be around sick kids to do it. Lakeside Orangevale is chugging along. It took me a bit to get back into playing and leading but the last few weeks that i have lead have been awesome. I really believe people are starting to catch the excitement i have for worship, but we always have room for growth. Even have some of my own music i am preparing to share with so i hope people will appreciate it. I wrote a lot of thoughts down in the hospital but haven't, until now, started piecing them together. I just want to be honest in my words and worship that God is not only putting on me now but at the time of crisis. I think people will be interested in those thoughts. I even spoke already at another local church, Fair Oaks Presbyterian, where i went to high school and college group and lead for so long. People were very interested to hear my story and where God has taken me over the past 3 years. Got some great feedback from people, so who knows maybe I'll start actually teaching or preaching or at least doing some motivational speaking again. Been awhile since I've actually preached, but it was exciting sharing what is on my heart. So thats it. Please keep praying for health and I will try to update as best as possible so people don't think i've just died or disappeared. I'm joking of course but someone actually asked so you know how rumors get started. Appreciate and love everyone for the support. See ya

Check out my new site for the studio and pass the word if you know anyone interested in getting recording done.


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Miss you Stephen.

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Anonymous said...

Proverbs 27:17

I miss your voice daily my friend.

dr.gregory b. harris said...

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Anonymous said...

miss you Stephen, g & G

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