Monday, March 30, 2009

Houston here we come.

Well its finally here. We will traveling to Houston next week to begin the testing for the amazing treatment that MD Anderson has to offer. We talked a little with the doctor and she confirmed what we had heard which is great success with odd cases like my own where remission has been hard to get with traditional chemotherapy. We wanted to say thanks to everyone who has contributed to the fund to help us pay for next week. Thanks to everyone who contributed we have over $37,000 to help pay for the initial testing. I would have never believed we could raise almost the entire 41k in just 2 months. thanks so much. Continue to pray for Rosemary and I as we travel to Houston that this will be our last treatment that i need. I feel very confident that we are close to finally beating this horrible disease. See ya and thanks again.

1 comment:

It's all about the kids! said...

We are so excited for you Stephen! We will be praying for a quick recovery!

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